Our Solution

Authorized Personnel sign

If you are a General Contractor or Property Owner, you will be able to create a Project Data Base, listing all Subcontractors and third-party Lower Tier contractors working on your Project, and to verify that everyone is being paid fully and on-time.

  • No expensive surprises after you thought the Project was finished and everyone had been paid.
  • No more lien waivers that have no legal significance and still leave Lower Tiers unpaid.

If you are a Subcontractor, you will be contractually required to take a pro-active role in supplying information related to all your Lower Tier contractors, including material and equipment suppliers. This will benefit you and your General Contractor, helping assure they will want to use your services in the future, and at the same time benefiting your Lower Tier contractors by assisting them in receiving timely and complete payment for their services.

This 4' by 8' sign will be erected on each Jobsite, and the warning will be enforced by the Jobsite Superintendent.