Our Story

MIKE OWEN – President, COO, Co-Founder

Mike received his B.S. in Construction Science College of Architecture in 1993 from the University of Oklahoma. Mike has 28 years of commercial construction experience, including overall administration for traditional Design Bid Build, CM at Risk, and CM Agency forms of project delivery.

Mike joined Atlas Construction Group in 1999 as a Project Manager and became the President and CEO in January of 2012. During his tenure, he has directly managed over $500,000,000 of commercial construction projects. Roles and responsibilities include: executive leader, implementation of the overall corporate structure and strategic direction of the company, providing guidance and leadership to all employees in terms of meeting goals, mission, and vision. Mike promotes teamwork, delivers positive influence, and reinforces the company core values with all employees. Company procedures and processes are constantly monitored to maximize the opportunity for true project success. Additionally, Mike is very instrumental in the overall program of client retention and project procurement.

Mike’s Industry Certifications

  • CCCA – Certified Construction Contract Administrator (CSI). This is a required certification by the State of Oklahoma Construction and Properties Division to perform CM at Risk delivery for Public Works Projects.
  • Licensed Contractor – State of Nevada

S.D. OWEN - CEO, Co-Founder

Mr. Owen received his B.S. in Petroleum Engineering in 1969 from the University of Oklahoma. Doug has accumulated over 45 years of engineering construction management experience, including designing secondary recovery projects, water treatment and hydrocarbon processing plants, and natural gas and crude oil storage facilities throughout the United States. Doug has supervised, as both a company owner and/or Operations Manager, the implementation of complex and high-tech strategies necessary for the successful completion of many oil and gas industry development and construction projects, with the common goals of finishing each job under budget, on time, and prompt payment to all associated subcontractors.


Our concept for Lien Prevention, LLC stems from nearly 75 years as active general contractors and construction managers in the commercial construction and oil and gas industries. We have worked in multi-state areas serving both public and private owners. Our exposure to the various statutory lien laws gives us firsthand knowledge and significant experience with the nuances of payment demands, property liens, and bond claims.

The more significant issue is the laws that were designed to protect lien rights end up promoting careless business practices and the result is more individuals struggling to get paid and companies spending thousands of dollars to collect money owed. We now work in a construction environment cluttered by chaos and uncertainty when it comes to paying the people that invested the real sweat equity in the project. Currently, the industry faces more lien filings and bond claims than ever before. More lien law reforms to assure payment for labor performed, services rendered, and materials delivered, have unfortunately led to more abuses in day to day business relationships.

Construction companies today focus a great amount of their time and energy on resolving lien and bond claims from Lower Tier contractors that should have already been paid. This upward trend of constant and costly lien processing and surety claims needs to be eliminated.

Our goal is to make sure that all participants in a construction project get paid in a timely fashion and the project owners and construction companies accountable for payment meet these obligations one time only. LienPrevention.com provides a simple, efficient and user friendly application that achieves these objectives. Our software serves as the clearing house for identifying and organizing all contributors to a construction project and acknowledgement of all invoicing and billing cycles. Most general contractors are only aware of direct first tier subcontractors and suppliers. Second, third, and fourth tier subcontractors and suppliers are rarely made apparent to the general contractor or project owner. This condition of not knowing who all the participants are on a project is what has plagued our industry with costly lien filings.


Our mission is simple, and as our name implies, we utilize business-sense solutions to prevent redundant and unnecessary lien filings; therefore, ensuring that Subs, Lower Tiers and Suppliers get paid fully and on time, and the owners and general contractors avoid the expense and time-consuming headaches associated with lien filings and bond claims.


Our management team consists of personnel with over 75 years of Commercial Construction Industry experience, benefiting from the effective use of modern accounting and management software. We have suffered through the expense and preventability of Lower Tiers and Suppliers not being paid because we were unaware that they had even worked on a Project. With the use of internet technology, we have developed a simple solution that is easy to use and benefits all concerned parties.