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Will Contractors be able to view information entered by other contractors?
Absolutely not!! You will only be able to view information that was entered by members of your own team or information that was entered by our Website Administrators on your behalf.
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If I am a General Contractor, why would my Subs agree to use the Website? It seems like extra work for them with no benefits.
First, all Subcontractors will be contractually obligated to use the website. Second, a data-base will be created that will serve everyone working on a Construction Project, from Owners down through 3rd and 4th tier subs, suppliers and vendors. Liens and Bond Claims will be greatly reduced or eliminated entirely. All Subs, Sub-subs, Suppliers and Vendors will be known by the General Contractor, therefore helping ensure that they get paid fully and on time.
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How does your service work?
It works by simply creating a Project Registry that includes all participants working on a specific jobsite. An “Authorized Personnel Only” sign will be displayed at each construction site, and only those entities who are pre-registered on the Website will be allowed on the jobsite. All others will be considered as trespassing and asked to leave. General Contractors will be asked to input information about themselves and to provide a list of all their Subs, and the Subs in turn will be asked to provide data about their Sub-Subs and Suppliers, such as estimated date of arrival, first date of performance, last date of performance, and specific info related to all invoices received related to each construction project. It’s a win/win for all involved. Subs get paid on time, and general contractors and owners won’t be overwhelmed by liens and bond claims from workers they didn’t know had even performed any services.
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How much does your service cost?
General Contractors and owners will pay a fee based on a combination of the total job cost and the number of subcontractors. As an example, if the total job cost is $10,000,000, using 25 Subcontractors, our fee will be $500/Month. There will be no mandatory fees to Subs and Sub-subs. The monthly fee will be adjusted as subs complete work on the project as indicated by their date of last performance.
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Does using the Website effect lien rights now existing under State Statutory Lien Laws?
No, currently it does not. However, some States are contemplating mandating the creation of a similar “Project List” that will require being on the List to retain lien filing rights.

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