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Unexpected lien filings and bond claims are the most common and expensive problems facing General Contractors and Property Owners in today’s litigious and complex Construction Industry, but they can be prevented.

  • In most States Lien Laws are designed to protect Subcontractors, Equipment and Material Suppliers, and Laborers, at the expense of the General Contractor.
  • Quite often General Contractors and Property Owners are treated unfairly due to either inadequate or ambiguous legal protection.
  • Liens are often filed against General Contractors and Property Owners without either party even being aware that any services had been provided by the lien filer.
  • These unnecessary Lien Filings usually result in significant cost increases to all Concerned Parties. is a website designed to help eliminate many of these potential unnecessary Lien Filings.

Who we are

  • Lien Prevention’s principals have over 75 years of experience as General Contractors and Construction Managers in the commercial construction industry.
  • Our employees have managed millions of dollars of projects and experienced the difficulty of identifying all participants involved in the delivery process.
  • We are very active in the AGC (Associated General Contractors of America) and strong advocates of fair and prompt pay to all that contribute.

What we do

  • Lien Prevention provides convenient and user-friendly software to recognize all participants in a commercial construction project. This includes the general contractor and all multi-tiered subcontractors, suppliers, and vendors.
  • Our primary goal is to assure that all participants in a commercial construction project are included as part of the team and get paid for their services on time and without unnecessary legal costs, lien filings, or bond claims.

Why we care

  • We are strong advocates and promoters of good business practices.
  • We are strong advocates of timely and within budget project completion.
  • We are committed to the success of all parties involved in the construction industry, from the owners to the clean-up crews, and we believe that will be a major contributor to profitability for all parties, by providing reinforcement for prompt and fair payment.
  • We have dealt with the turmoil and expense of unnecessary liens and bond claims, and we can prevent others from suffering the same experiences.